IS-Network Security Analyst

Norton, Overland Park



This position requires the following educational and/or job experience. 

  • Associate’s degree in computer science or related field, equivalent network security administration and cybersecurity experience, or other technology certified training. 
  • One (1) plus years of work experience with current network security protocols, hardware, and software. 
  • Prior work in customer service/customer satisfaction services. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology field. 
  • Three (3) plus years of work experience with computer systems, networking, and cybersecurity related discipline.  


The following sets forth the primary responsibilities of this job, but is not an exhaustive list. The Organization, through its managers and supervisors, reserves the right to assign any additional duties necessary to meet the needs of our patients, partners and/or employees. 

1. Network Security Analyst oversees desktop, mobile, and network security including performing risk assessments, auditing machines and software, training staff on proper protocols, and monitoring network traffic for any suspicious activity. 

2. Updates software on the latest security patches and ensures that each network resource has the proper defenses; ensures understanding of cyber threats from experience and can provide defense against zero-day malware. 

3. Network Security Analyst defends systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction; designs programs/technologies under the direction of supervisor or team lead. 

4. Monitors network traffic for unusual activity; maximizes network uptime and ensures fast and efficient data access to meet business requirements. 

5. Network Security Analyst conducts vulnerability and penetration tests across all network segments and systems. 

6. Establishes and analyzes security requirements for Valley Hope Association and Valley Hope Solutions networks. 

7. Network Security Analyst configures and supports security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, patch management systems, etc. 

8. Implements network security policies, application security, access control and corporate data safeguards. 

9. Network Security Analyst conducts trainings or in-services to employees in security awareness and procedures. 

10. Recommends updates to business continuity and disaster recovery protocols. 

11. Network Security Analyst conducts security audits and make policy recommendations. 

12. Consults staff, supervisors/managers and executives on the best security practices within their areas and projects. 

13. Network Security Analyst develops and maintains systems documentation (including network architecture diagrams). 

14. Attends training sessions, conferences, classes and utilizes online resources to maintain and update skills and knowledge as necessary to keep current on relevant technologies and trends. 

15. Network Security Analyst initiates and manages customer service requests, problem resolution; facilitates customer communication and satisfaction. 

16. Assists Systems Administrators and IS Tech Support staff as required. 

17. Network Security Analyst completes assigned tasks with high quality and on schedule. 

18. Adheres to department policies, procedures and standards in the development and implementation of software. 

19. Maintains current knowledge of technology and industry trends; shares knowledge with the team. 

20. Adheres to Valley Hope’s philosophies, policies, and procedures as well as any other regulating bodies. 

21. Participates in all assigned staff meetings, staff development, and training as required. 

22. Interacts and communicates with others (patients, management, clients, and vendors) in a professional and tactful manner including treating them with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position. 


The following is intended to give an overview of the requirements of the position, but is not an exhaustive list. 

  • Attention to detail, creativity and latitude. 
  • Ability to think critically, to evaluate, and to solve complex technical problems. 
  • Strong communication and consultancy skills; strong presentation skills. 
  • Self-directed and motivated to accomplish tasks, meet objectives and committed timelines. 
  • Ability to collaborate with others. 
  • Ability to provide input to requirements analysis and identifies technology to provide product/process stability or improvement. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of penetration and vulnerability tools, firewall protocols, anti-virus software, patch management systems, encryption, etc. 
  • Ability to prioritize competing demands and effectively manage multiple tasks and/or projects while being responsive and flexible. 
  • Ability to work without close supervision to accomplish tasks. 
  • Proficient in MS Office applications, which include Outlook, Word, and Excel. 


The following is intended to give and overview of the work environment of the position, but is not an exhaustive list. 

  • Office setting with traditional hours; must be available after hours for on-call technical support and system/networking emergencies. 
  • Sitting for extended periods of time. 
  • Must be able to work at a rapid pace for long periods of time. 
  • Able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp other items with hands, for either extended periods of time or many times throughout the workday. 
  • Must be able to travel – estimated at 5-15% of the time.


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