Python Senior Developer

Southampton, UK

Flowminder is seeking a skilled senior developer to contribute to the industrialisation and completion of the latest version of a set of open source tools that have the potential to make a meaningful difference to huge numbers of people. This exciting project touches on data engineering, devops, big data, visualisation, and some really unique datasets.

You will have exceptional development skills and be quick to understand and contribute to software architecture as well as being a clear communicator. You will be able to latch on to our vision and follow our lead to help make our goals a reality. 

You will collaborate closely with the Product Architect, Project Manager and Product Manager contributing where appropriate to the strategy, direction and design of the system - you are the “how” to their “what” and “why”. You will drive constant improvement and identify the right technologies to drive it forward. 

You will be at home working with a diverse team of developers, academics, and data scientists. You don’t just write great code, you work with others to make their code great as well. You’re unflappable, and when you don’t have the answer, know how to tap into the knowledge of your team. 

You are an outstanding Python developer with a strong experience of managing relational databases and familiarity with Docker and the big data ecosystem. You have a broad knowledge and experience of multiple coding languages and technologies and pick up new ones for fun, but don’t blindly apply the latest thing without a good reason. You will enjoy the challenge of designing systems that scale from single, tightly constrained VMs, to larger-scale deployments. 

Ideally, you’ll also have experience of working with telecoms data, an understanding of EU privacy legislation and the impacts of it on development, and be security conscious in your system design.


  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to deliver work packages as required
  • Write clean, fast, understandable, and maintainable code
  • Work with the Project Manager to effectively prioritise development efforts
  • Assist with work package breakdown and effort estimation
  • Identify the right tools for the job
  • Advocate for the development team internally and be prepared to collaborate with the open source community
  • Contribute to discussions about the architecture and design

Essential Skills:

  • Python, PostgreSQL, and Docker
  • Software system and API design
  • Database design
  • Data engineering
  • Devops, CI/CD, Testing and Code Review

Desirable Familiarity:

  • Jupyter
  • AirFlow
  • Geospatial applications (eg PostGIS)
  • Pandas
  • Microservices
  • Cloud computing
  • Authentication systems
  • Machine learning

Stiftelsen Flowminder

Flowminder provides insights, tools, and capacity strengthening to governments, international agencies and NGOs. Flowminder is a non-profit organisation composed of practitioners and academics from development, public health and humanitarian sectors. The mission of the organisation is to develop and operationalise new methods and data sources to support decision makers, improve operational efficiency and deliver services in low- and middle-income countries.

Flowminder has pioneered the use of mobile operator data to address development and humanitarian challenges. It uses statistical techniques to integrate traditional data from surveys and censuses, with data from satellites and mobile operators.

Working closely with researchers at the University of Southampton UK and elsewhere, Flowminder develops new methods and data to understand the distributions, characteristics and dynamics of human populations, and provides support for decision makers to leverage the operational opportunities of radically improved sociodemographic data.

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