Systems Software Developer (Blockchain Engineer)

Toronto, ON


What is in it for you?

How do you run code on the blockchain? It all starts with a virtual machine. At AION, we are bringing system-level ideas, new and old, into the blockchain to solve this new world's problems of capability and scalability. In this elegant union of system programming and blockchain development, you will work as part of the AION virtual machine team to leverage new ideas to make the AION virtual machine the best in the industry. If the prospect of solving challenging low-level problems on a collaboration-focused team to build the foundation of the future blockchain interests you, let's connect…


How you will contribute…

We need people who are interested in our day-to-day challenges and the willingness to take ownership of complex problems as we design from-scratch our virtual machine:

  • Bytecode instrumentation
  • Concurrent task scheduling and data hazard management
  • Data store design and optimization
  • Determinism analysis
  • Task isolation design (security)
  • Reentrant data consistency
  • Profiling analysis and optimization

Beyond the day-to-day, we also need to discuss the future and how to build it:

  • How do we scale the blockchain?
  • What is an ideal bytecode language?
  • • What is an ideal application language?
  • Do we need to consider different execution models?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, we would like to talk to you.

Required Skills

What we are looking for the roles ...

  • Must have strong educational background in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Must have at least 7+ years of professional software development experience, at least 5 years in core Java or C++
  • Must have strong Linux orientation, including comfortability with command line, shell scripts, etc.
  • Comfortable with pair programming, adhoc whiteboarding, technical discussions, etc.
  • Blockchain and open source experience would be an asset **but not a must**
  • Low-level debugging experience would be an asset **but not a must**
  • Experience with parallel programming would be an asset **but not a must**

Competencies we desire...

  • Engineering / technical mindset (5/5)


  • Extreme ownership (5/5)
  • Leading with passion (5/5)
  • Thinking big / Creativity & innovation (5/5)

Applicants must be eligible to work for any Employer in Canada.

We thank all applicants and their interest in AION, however based on key specifications of the role, only selected applicants will be contacted.


Who we are…

At AION, we are looking for bright intelligent minds who will contribute in defining the future of Blockchain technology. The core Engineering team at AION is involved in R&D work. Being bold, taking risks and moving fast is in our DNA. Living on the cutting edge of technology, we come to work everyday with unbounded enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Blockchain technology. AION is multi-tier blockchain platform designed to address unsolved questions of scalability, privacy, and security.

We have an incredible story to tell... check us out

Introducing AION: Press re AION: Meet our Team:

We are looking for pioneers to challenge today’s assumptions and create a new world of unimagined possibilities through blockchain technology.

Team culture…

Working with passionate people for whom “that’s just how it works” is never the end of the discussion is important to us. We are looking for people who share that perspective, have something to teach, and something they want to learn.

Our team includes people with a myriad of large and complex interests and experiences, including:

  • Just-in-time compilers
  • Garbage collectors and memory managers
  • Linux kernel device drivers
  • Code validating/optimizing compilers
  • General-purpose GPU concept, limits, and drivers
  • Database/filesystem design
  • Instruction set and bytecode language implications
  • Distributed systems
  • Type theory

If the prospect of working with people with such backgrounds interests you, contact us.

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