Natural Language Processing Engineer

New York City

Do you have a passion for the latest advances in Natural Language Processing? Are you looking for an energizing environment to hone your research, system design, and software engineering abilities? Do you want to build products that directly affect users?

We are seeking a motivated Natural Language Processing Engineer to join our team. We are an international team of engineers and scientists with offices in New York City and Cairo. We have a diverse set of skills among our talented and professional team members, and we'd like you to contribute your abilities.

You would help us improve and scale our state-of-the-art text summarization, document-clustering, and information extraction platform. Here are some examples of projects you may own: using relation extraction to detect discourse structure, tracking topics in hundred-page documents, or producing abstractive summaries for a high throughput of news articles in milliseconds.

What you'll do day-to-day:

  • Find solutions to hard NLP tasks by improving upon the latest academic literature, guiding the technical direction of our products
  • Prototype and rapidly evaluate creative ideas to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan projects using Agile practices and design experiments using sound scientific methodologies
  • Write high-quality code in Python and Java using many open-source frameworks and libraries
  • Collaborate with engineers to build high-performance NLP Deep Learning pipelines

What you'll bring:

  • A track record of results in NLP and Deep Learning, preferably on GitHub
  • Your coding skills to produce efficient, maintainable code quickly
  • Your capacity to simplify and explain complex technical concepts verbally and in writing
  • Your enthusiasm for solving problems with a team of engineers and scientists, as well as individually
  • Your ability to adapt to changing requirements and re-prioritize with minimal supervision
  • Your interest in publishing academic papers and keeping up to date on ground breaking published work

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