Software Engineer - Simulations and Modeling

San Francisco

About Stable:

<>Stable is an early-stage, venture-backed company building the next generation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicle fleets. Urban charging infrastructure is a critical and underserved area necessary to make electric and autonomous vehicles a reality -- we’re working to fix that. Our founding team is a diverse group of former MIT scientists, Googlers and charging experts with backgrounds in robotics, optimization, and machine learning.

Our investors include Qasar Younis (former COO at Y Combinator), Kent Goldman (Upside VC), Habib Hadad/Calvin Chin (MIT's E14 fund), Reilly Brennan (, Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance), Sunil Paul (Founder of Sidecar), and more.

We are looking for a critical team member to help us build the next generation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. You will help us build the software and simulations that help us develop our charging networks. These simulations encompass charging locations, charging speeds, infrastructure costs, energy availability, battery compositions, and much more. Together, we will use these tools to help our team and customers plan for the roll-out of fleet-wide autonomous charging. This will be a role with broad responsibilities to develop and deploy the infrastructure necessary to support our business with a high degree of latitude and corresponding expectations.

You are

  • Kind: Kindness is one of our core values, we value team members who are thoughtful and empathetic
  • Motivated by a challenge: you like taking on hard problems and figuring out creative solutions; you’re not afraid of something just because you don’t know how to do it yet.
  • Creative: solving hard problems requires a healthy dose of creativity, you like to think about new ways to solve things and like to find innovative new solutions. 
  • Naturally curious: You’re naturally curious and like digging into new problems or learning about new things
  • Growth oriented: you thrive on challenge and see failure as a springboard for growth and for stretching our existing businesses
  • Strategic and Analytical: able to analyze, learn, and understand situations quickly and focus on the activities that matter the most
  • Fast to learn and improve: as we’re still early in our company’s evolution, we work in a hypothesis-driven manner with rapid iteration to figure out what works without fear of failing frequently
  • A strong communicator and influencer: you enjoy working across a diverse team of colleagues and have the ability to get others excited about your initiatives
  • Ready for a startup: you’re excited about working in fast paced, early stage startup environment

Your experience

  • You have 2+ years of experience in data science, machine learning, or analytics.
  • 1+ years of experience designing, building, and deploying software in a production environment
  • You have a Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field.
  • You have experience building mathematical models and simulations and in converting them into algorithms and tools used in an applied predictive context
  • Experience in visualizing data sets and geospatial data.
  • Bonus: Prior experience in transportation, logistics, urban systems, electrical grids, or other related domains that take care of large spatial datasets.

In this role you will

  • Develop our siting and logistics tool that identifies the optimal place of our charging stations
  • Become an expert on transportation logistics, and develop in-depth knowledge of electrical grids, battery dynamics, sustainable energies, and autonomous movement. 
  • Drive the mathematical modeling of a massive fleet charging network. 
  • Craft visualizations of data and elegant ways of communicating complex interactions in simple terms.
  • Work with national and local representatives, utilities providers, vehicle OEMs, and urban planners to gather critical resources and data.

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