Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco

Ladder creates upward mobility for American job seekers and simplifies hiring for employers. Right now, we're helping job seekers attend 3-14 week classes to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs), financing their tuition and placing them with employers immediately upon completion. Our customers pay us back in installments if and only they get a job.

We raised a seed round from top venture funds in Silicon Valley and New York City. We're well-funded and ready to improve upward mobility and the health care labor supply in America.

As one of our first engineers, you’ll lay the groundwork for a growing business. As a generalist, you’ll have an ownership role in multiple parts of our technology and work across the stack. Day to day, you’ll report directly to (and collaborate with) the CTO; discuss product challenges and objectives with the operations team; and bring the ability to both zoom out and dig in.

With everything you do, you’ll approach your work with deep empathy for our customers, many of whose lives often veer across the poverty line. That means a connection with Ladder’s mission and the spirit to work collaboratively and with humility. And it means creating the product, platform, and infrastructure that will help our customers fight an economic system that has worked against them.

Applications for this role are open

Fill out a short form and tell us why you're interested — we'll reach out to you with next steps if there's mutual fit. A resume is optional.

What you’ll do

  • Work closely with the CTO and engineering team
  • Build products & solutions across the stack, taking the initiative when possible
  • Engineer resilient and stable backend systems, databases, and APIs
  • Connect with external systems and architect fail-safe, auditable financial systems
  • Own responsibility for the success of projects by envisioning clear objectives and holding yourself & others accountable
  • Collaborate with the Operations team in a product manager-like capacity to understand stakeholders and needs
  • Respond to other job duties as they come up in a changing startup environment

What we’re looking for

Most successful candidates will have at least 2+ years of software engineering experience and have worked previously in JavaScript and/or Python.

You’ll bring to the table effective and empathetic communication skills and the understanding that everything — from the code you write to the discussions you lead — will have an impact on our team culture. Maintainability and moving fast will be a spectrum you deftly balance. You’ll foster and push for a learning and inclusive mindset.

Working at Ladder means acting on a passion for improving people’s lives through education and economic freedom. You won’t forget this: you’ll begin and end your day with deep empathy, excellent judgment and decision making, and the willingness to dig in and adapt.

Must haves

We’re looking for strong experience with

  • modern programming languages like JavaScript and Python
  • databases (PostgreSQL), modeling data, and writing performant queries
  • developing scalable and production systems
  • building end-to-end solutions that include front-end and back-end work
  • working on a collaborative engineering team (Scrum, ticket management)


We prefer candidates that have worked with

  • React, Node.js, TypeScript, Gatsby, and GraphQL
  • consuming and creating mission-critical APIs
  • serverless and container architectures on platforms like Google Cloud and AWS
  • small startup environments
  • companies adjacent or in fintech, healthcare, or education

At Ladder, we’re looking to hire people who are effective problem solvers. Please apply even if your experiences don’t exactly match what we’ve written in this job description. We’re committed to helping Americans increase their income with Ladder. If you’re passionate about equalizing access to opportunity, we want you to apply!

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