Software Engineer - Applications Engineer

San Francisco / New York

About Instabase

Instabase's vision hones in on intelligent automation. Just like the personal computer worked for individual persons, Instabase’s mission is to empower people to focus on the meaningful, productive parts of their jobs.

Innovators have a completely new set of building blocks which they can use to address existing processes, imagine new ones, and solve problems on a larger scale with Instabase. We provide tools and apps for processing documents, data extraction and classification, natural language processing, and optical character recognition; allowing creators, developers, and organizations to build complex business applications based on their needs. Our growing marketplace of pre-packaged business applications are being deployed in many industries, such as finance, logistics, healthcare, and many more.

We’ve secured funding from leading venture capital firms such as NEA, a16z, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and more. We are looking to grow into the next era of computing.

Come join our adventure!

Job Description:

Application Engineers are responsible for building Instabase applications as part of the Instabase marketplace. There are two key components of the role - 1) collaborating with customers to understand their unique challenges and architect applications to address those needs, and 2) transforming those applications into robust general-purpose applications available to all customers on the marketplace. We're highly technical, and we work across a range of customers to understand their use cases, workflows, problems, prototype tools, and features, and build applications to help them solve their problems. From high-level system design, to scoping use cases, to data engineering, to application development, our work looks different every day. Put simply, we bring technical expertise to bear on the problems that matter most.

Working in this area requires knowledge in the following:

  • Very strong scripting languages skills [Python]

  • Very strong data engineering skills [data parsing, web scraping, data transformation, data integration, etc.]

  • Ability to parse structured data from messy text [html, word document, images (ocr), pdf, etc.]

  • Ability to integrate data from various data sources

  • Knowledge of regex, and data parsing/cleaning libraries (pandas, beautiful-soup, etc.)

  • Knowledge of data analysis tools (for example: pandas), NLP tools (for example: spacy, stanford NLP, etc), Image Processing tools (for example: opencv), and Machine Learning tools (for example: scikit-learn, tensorflow, etc.)

  • Ability to quickly script a working solution for a given problem

  • Creative problem-solving skills

  • A results-focused mindset


  • B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent training)

  • Languages: Python

  • Experience in "wrangling" datasets

  • Web Fundamentals, APIs, REST, and GraphQL

  • Database Systems and SQL

Instabase is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in all forms. Instabase does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, marital status, protected veteran status, disability, or any other unlawful factor. Instabase also complies with local laws, including the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.

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